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Attaining True Happiness Through the Cross

Communal and Individual Spirituality: Towards Divine Intimacy

Eucharistic Christmas Preparation

"Funerals I'd decided, are not for the dead, but for the living."

Good Friday: The Blame Game

Immaculate Conception 
Joining our Lady of Sorrows

Lent Hath Come: Getting to the Heart of It
Mariology: The Lived Study of Mary, Why Bother?

Mary, the Mother of God

Pope Francis' Favourite Way to Pray

St. John of the Cross: Loving the Giver above the Gifts

St. Joseph and Christmas: The Man Behind the Scenes

The Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Evangelical Counsels in Their Positive Form

The Little Way is the Great Way

The Secret to Receiving Holy Communion Perfectly

The Unthinkable: Sharing Your Holy Hour

There's No Time to Lose

Three Ways to Deepen our Praying of the Holy Rosary

We're All Backseat Drivers





Able is Alive and Well a.k.a. Cain is Dead and Will Die Again When Able Rose

A Prayer to the Little Ones
An Ode to Mary Magdalene

Awake O North Wind! O Love between Father and Word!

Bethel, Redemption’s Loch: a.k.a. ‘Corpus Christi et Sanguinem’ 
Bethlehem's Stable

Birth of Eve the New

Birthday Hymn to our Mother

Bosom of My Beloved: The Sacred Heart of Jesus

Celestial Hierarchy

Cloud of Witnesses

Come Beloved and Meet the Bride

Creation's Whisper

Day is Done

Death Comes

Elijah of Cyrene Shall Restore the Orphans to Their Father

Exile's Ode

Fair Spring's Look

Golden Fleeced Tree

He Has Awoken

Immaculate Conception

Immaculate Womb

Inner Earth

King of Love

Lady of the Snow

Majestic Beloved

Maker's Face Fair
Meeting of the Wombs

Narcissus - from the Lake the Gurus Made - Will Return to Echo's Arms

Nymph-Like Virgin's Milk

O Blessed Destiny

O Jerusalem, Let Him Enter

O Sweet One my Sweet One

Presentation of the Virgin Dove


Satin-Gloved Curator

Sun Silk and Moon Milk

The Holy Family

The Man Whom Beauty Killed

The World is Mad, So Mad Indeed, but the Cheshire Grins for the Opium People
This is the Day

Trinity's Banquet

Virgin's Kiss
Visitation's Giggles
Void and Vanity

Waking of the Virgin Ark

Watchman of the Night



Aging, the Fountain of Youth and the Water of Life

Allegory in the Passover Command: Exodus 12:21-25

Baptising with Fire: The Call to be New John the Baptists

Be a Needy Child of God

Boaz: A Type of St. Joseph

Evangelical Counsels: An Introduction and Reflection

Hear O Israel and You Shall Love

Joseph and One's Inner Holy House

Just Another Day: Christmas Reflection

St. Joseph and One's Interior Cloud of Silence

O Chosen Soul, Be Grateful

Passing Through Spiritual Darkness

The Bosom of Christ and the Pure Spiritual Milk: Hardship in Prayer

The Breath of Life and the Mouth of God

The Canticle of Perfect Humility

The Garment of Worldliness and the Garb of Salvation

The Inn and the Stable: Christmas Reflection

The Mystical Meaning of the Lulav and the Etrog

The New Spirituality: Eucharistic, Marian, Divine Will
The Nine Degrees of Contemplation: Venerable Father Germanus on St. Gemma Galgani

The Way of Perfect Love: Thanksgiving as the Secret to Holiness

The Wounds of the Soul and the Triune Sea of God's Will

Sharing the Jewels of our Faith

Why Perpetual Adoration?