Monday, 25 May 2015

Awake O North Wind, O Love between Father and Word!

A poem written to mark the occasion of the Descent of the Holy Spirit upon Mary and the Apostles in the Upper Room on Pentecost.

The Descent of the Holy Spirit


Come Living Flame,
O Torch of Love;
That prances and dances
In halls above;
That with frolic and leap
Go to and fro,
Between Father and Word
As breath that doth blow.

The Father begets
Eternally the Son
As perfect most image
Of Self-Knowledge beyond;
Yet this knowing begot
With Love who art Thee
Whom doth proceed between both
As spiration supernal and free.

For Thou art the Love,
The Praise and the Glory,
The Delight and the Joy,
The Trust, Adoration,
Thanksgiving and Smile,
Between Father and Word,
Word and the Father.

And so perfect, so much,
The love between both,
That member Third art Thee,
As equal Godhead One,
Who art Person’s Three.

For Uncreated Thou art;
Thee the Fruit of Their Love:
Thee the very Relationship
Between Person’s One and Two.

Since Thou art Intimacy personified;
The Living Kiss of the Godhead’s Lip;
The Unmade Immaculate Conception
Whom Both eternally conceive;
Whom the Church as the Virgin did fully receive,
On Pentecost morn and not the eve;
Whom Her members from the Apostles on
Perennially professes to believe.

So with echo of Voice Eternal,
Each blazing cell of Church terrestrial,
Exclaim as brides, as babes and Bride:

“Awake O North Wind,
From seas celestial on high!
And blow O South Wind,
As synergy created
That abides in firmament’s sky!
For my garden awaits
Thy caress O Breath;
And my fruit trees nine do pine,
As my lilies shrill with giddy glee!

So come and take a stroll;
As between Beloved and Lover I walk,
Hand in hand with each:
Incarnate in Christ
And quasi-fleshed in Joseph most Just.

For Spirit most Pure,
By grace I can be
What by nature Thou art;
So thus Thou can be me,
And I can be Thee,
Since Mary is one with Thee
And Thou canst make of me a little She;
A little immaculate conception,
That prances and dances,
That frolics and leaps;
Between Father and Word,
Word and the Father.

So awake O North Wind,
And come O South Wind,
For my garden awaits
Thy flaming touch.”

God creates Adam and Eve (left), and Strolls with them in the Garden.