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The Wounds of the Soul and The Triune Sea of God's Will

“O afflicted one, storm-tossed, and not comforted, behold I will set your stones in antimony, and lay your foundations with sapphires. I will make your pinnacles of agate, your gates of carbuncles, and you’re all your wall of precious stone.” Is 54:11-12

The pockets of a soul are its wounds. The more numerous its wounds, the more places there are that can be filled with the Heavenly Jewels. Whilst the deeper its wounds, the more Jewels the soul is able to carry. A soul has only the capacity to bear the Jewels of Paradise in accordance to the quantity and depth of its wounds; for this is the extent to which a soul has become one in likeness to the Wounded Saviour.

St. Christina Giving Her Father's Jewels to the Poor, Evelyn de Morgan, 1850-1919.
The wounds of Christ are a mine of infinite depth; the source of all Jewels from which all Jewels flow. And since Christ is God, and God is infinite, and since He allowed the infinite offense of sin to penetrate into Him, He thus has wounds of an infinite depth and quantity. His wounds are the marks of our guilt, yet He in the flame of His innocent love turned the hot coal of our guilt, with which we burned His flesh with, into the diamond of innocence. Thus the Jewels that flow from His wounds do not condemn us, as though we were thieves, but esteem us, as though we are brides being lavished with the riches of our Groom.

Now the wounds of a soul must be drowned in the Will of God, which is a Triune Sea consisting of three seas in one. The sea of the Father is the ‘Creative Sea of the Water of Peace’; the sea of the Son is the ‘Redemptive Sea of the Blood of Mercy’; and the sea of the Spirit is the ‘Sanctifying Sea of the Fire of Love’. If a soul does not drown its wounds into the Sea of God’s Will, its wounds shall not be pockets worthy of, or even capable of being filled with Heavenly Jewels, but rather with the excrement of the devils. Such a soul in this pitiable state walks about with its pockets full of Satan’s deceit, his feces, that smell of sin and infects the blood of that soul, causing spiritual weakness and eventual death. For if ones wounds are not bathed in the Sea of God’s Will, then they are bathed in the river of one’s own will, which under the enslavement of the Tyranny of Satan has become a river flowing into the ‘dead sea’, the  ‘Destructive Sea of the Diabolic Will’. The wounds of such a soul thus harm it and lead to its death, since those who bathe their wounds, that is their troubles and ills, in the river of self-will which is polluted with the algae of sin, drink through their wounds the Water of Death.

However, for one who bathes her wounds in the Sea of God’s Will, her wounds heal and lead to life; since through her wounds the Water of Life enters into her. Yet one cannot bathe her wounds in the Sea of God’s Will unless she leaves the familiarity of the river of self-will. Through the desert one must pass in order to be purged of the attraction to the river in her. In essence the river of self-will must be dried up from within the soul, for this river is within. Only then can the soul who is like a freshwater fish that is has become dead and forgetful to the freshwater of its will, that it is able to wade slowly into the Sea of God’s Will.

First however, one must pass through the Gate of the Sea of God’s Will; Mary, the gate built with precious stones from the one Rock which is Christ. Passing through this heart shaped Gate, which reads ‘The Immaculate Womb’, one enters into the Sea of God’s Will, and wades deeper and deeper , until it becomes an impassable flow of chaotic water [Ezekiel 47].  Now one ceases to be able to stand, for all of a sudden the water has become remarkably deep. It is then that the human soul must cling to Christ the Man-God, the Mighty Rock, so as to not be swept away in the raging waves of God’s Power, thus becoming obliterated into non-existence.

Clinging to Christ the Precious Stone of God’s Will, one swims and sinks deeper and deeper into infinity, embraced in eternity, in an unfathomable intense union of sublime intimacy with the divine. Like Jacob the soul struggles with His Beloved, who seeks to subdue the soul in order to embrace it ever more intimately. This romantic struggle in the raging waters is necessary for the cleaving of the two into one. A union of two into one that is bonded by the ‘Sanctifying Sea of the Fire of Love’, and is caused by the consummation between the Sea of Blood and the Sea of Water within the soul.

Beyond the point of bathing one’s wounds in the Sea of God’s Will, one passively like a child in its mother’s womb, immerses not only its wounds but also its whole self into the Sea of God’s Will, in an act of drowning in self which is swimming in God. The wounds of the soul at this point, are so many like Christ at the point of His consummative death, that the soul who has fully died to herself becomes like one wound in itself. As one wound the soul is free in the abyss of the Sea God’s of Will. For now not one inch of its flesh remains intact, for the skin of self-will has been torn away, rendering it no protection against the Sea of God’s Will. Stripped bare, the soul is thus vulnerable to infection. Yet the saltiness of Sea causes no infection to the soul but only heals it through stinging. Totally annihilated, naked and vulnerable as one wound, the soul thus becomes the sweet victim of God’s Will.

Through the shedding of the flesh of self-will, a soul is emptied of self, like the gushing of blood, water and pus from a wound. ‘Tis as one wound that the Lord has free reign to pour Himself into the soul. The soul empty of self, drained of self-will, is now filled with the Sea of God’s Will, becoming full of the Transcendent Other, God the Trinity. The soul is filled to the extent of the depth of its wound, the abyss of its emptied self.

The Essence of God; that is the Triune Sea of God’s Will, was dwelt in by Adam, but it did not dwell in him. Since failing the test, Adam drunk from his own will, filling himself with death, instead of drinking from God’s Will, and filling himself with the life of Eden in which he dwelt. However in the Incarnation the Sea of God’s Will was poured into humanity, uniting the uncreated blood of the Son’s Divinity to the created blood of His humanity. Thus through the ‘Redemptive Sea of the Blood of Mercy’ all humanity is able to be transfused into the Divinity.

The transfusion that takes place is a baptism, and the soul after this intense mystical baptism into the Triune Sea of God’s Will bonded in Christ to the human will, is then cloaked in the Flesh of the New Adam. This cloak of Flesh takes one from the fullness of incorporation into the Mystical Body of Christ, to another fullness that is beyond; which is like the becoming of a little body of Christ in itself, within the One Body. This cloak of Celestial Flesh is silk, formed by the human wills consumption of the Divine Will. The Divine Silk Worm is Christ, who rests on the Maple Tree of His Mother the spouse of the Spirit, the Uncreated Mother. Christ sanctified His Humanity, in which all humanity was made [Col 1:16], by the reeling of His Humanity deeper and deeper into His Divinity; achieved by His consuming the Will of His Father.

A father wins the bread and provides the bread, yet it is the mother who feeds. Thus Mary the Human Mother who became one with the Uncreated Mother, was able to feed Christ the Will of His Father. Mary fed Jesus in His Humanity and Divinity. She the Immaculate One, fed the Divine Will of Christ Her human will, and the Human Will of Christ the Divine Will. However Christ is one person with two natures. Thus human-Mary who is one with (cleaved to) the Divine-Spirit, feeds Christ two wills in the one sacrificial meal. The meal of a Holy Communion; where Christ consumes both Himself in the creature, and the creature itself. Whilst the creature consumes Christ and her transfigured self in Christ.

The Trinity is Holy Communion itself. Indeed the Trinity is the Communion of an Unfathomable Love. But now in Christ, through Mary, with Joseph; Humanity itself (in eternity) has entered into this Communion. One must only join the Hypo-static order. One must simply become a living wound, a mouth open ready to receive, a little immaculate mirror of Christ the Wound of Wounds. Who permitted us to pierce the Communion of Wills incarnate in His Sacred Heart, so that we might have a point of entry into this sweet Communion.

Ah this wound of Christ in us, like a gaping mouth yearns to be fed. Joseph the human father provides us to Him; Mary the human Mother feeds us to Him, and the Son receives. Through this reception the Son, both man and God, receives us into Himself, thus into the Trinity; that Triune Sea of God’s Will; an intermingling romance between water, blood and fire. O what a sublime mystery, to swim ever deeper into the abyss of infinite delight! A quill writing for an infinite eternity’s could not even exhaust a droplet of this vast Sea!

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