Wednesday, 25 June 2014

O Blessed Destiny

A Eucharistic Poem written on the occasion of the Feast of Corpus Christi

 O Body of my Beloved,
Make my body one with Thine.
O Blood of my Beloved,
Make my blood one with Thine.

O fill me with Thy Body, with Thy Bread Divine.
O fill me with Thy Blood, with Thy Wine Sublime.

O how I hunger my Love; for no bread has ever filled.
O how I thirst my Love; for no wine has ever quenched.

But then there is Thy Body and Thy Blood,
Which whispers and calls out my name:
“Come and taste, come and see,
Come and drink, and delight freely.

For I dreamed of this day,
Before the first dawning sun,
I dreamed of thy kiss and of the touch of thy lips.
O ‘tis the destiny of thy soul,

‘Tis the reason for thy portal mouth:
To taste and consume my Eternal Coal,
My flaming, blazing Heart,
Which pants to melt the iron of thy soul.”

O hear I do through silences veil.
O run I do through winters hail.
O Bridegroom I come,
O Bridegroom I’m here!

I kneel.
I wait.
I quiver.

My heart it pounds.
My heart it swoons.

I taste!
I see!
I die!

Fainting fall- silence:
“O blessed destiny.”

22nd June, 2014