Sunday, 5 October 2014

Watchman of the Night

St. Joseph is the Watchman of the night; He who patrols the walls of Jerusalem –our Lady, the Church, and all Her members- in order to safeguard and protect the Christ Child within who is the apple of His eye. Here speaks the soul who having sought to meet and know the Watchman, and after failing after many varied attempts, speaks of how she has come to meet Him through obscurity and in hiddenness, and how through coming to meet Him, she has come to a mystical knowledge of the Father.

 O Watchman of the night,

Ever since I was told of Thee

I have gone forth to seek and find;

Yet always hast Thou eluded my grasp.

 O Watchman of the night,

Ever since I heard of Thy name

I have called out in the dark that word;

Yet always hast Thou replied with silence.

 O Watchman of the night,

Ever since I felt Thy presence

I have asked Thee to reveal Thyself;

Yet always has Thou remained hidden-still.

 O Watchman of the night,

Cloaked in the cloud of mystery divine.


‘Tis only in dreaming that I grasp Thee;

‘Tis only in silence that I hear Thee;

‘Tis only in hiding that I see Thee;


For Thou art o Watchman of the night,

Shade and shadow of mystic moon light.

21st August, 2014, at Joseph’s Place.

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