Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Inner Earth

The soul reminisces with creation, through which she ponders the spiritual realities that each created thing signifies within her very own soul –her inner Earth.

Through celestial thickets above,

Warm light doth smoothly seep.

A myriad fingers of lofty hands do flitter;

Sifting that light, dispensing, caressing.

Pleasant breeze of Creator’s breath,

Gently glides, strolls, whispers.

Locks of upper crop enticed, invited;

Yet unmoved do gladly rest.

Still waters do murmur, do breathe;

Eternal sigh of deep desire.

“Thirsty” they tell me; “for what?” I say:

With reliving sigh, panting breath: “waters high.”

Hundreds of mini critters do creep.

Thousands do flight and flick about.

O ye ambassadors of the Little Way,

Thy movements within remind, gesture, inspire.

Unreachable bowels that float on high,

Drift with swift contortions. Enveloping,

Hiding, masking; firmament’s blazing torch.

These veils of darkness bursting to birth forth.

Humming calm of natural silence;

Chanting, breathing, ever slight palpitation;

There to rest weary head on breast maternal;

As child, as bride, with gentle smile.

Shadows grow and light descends past mortal view.

Inner sphere illumined still, yet tis’ not seen.

Pale face-mirror doth comfort, sooth, assure;

As shade wades down: “my welcome guest” say I.

4-6th October, 2014