Sunday, 28 December 2014

The Holy Family

 A poem written on the occasion of the Solemnity of the Holy Family.

House above
Filled with love
From surgings of fire
Between Word and Father.

Heaven's cup
As flaming breath of spill
Which birthed the world ex nihil'.

First couple
Reaped trouble
When ate fruit of knowledge
Which doused flame and spoiled seed.

Yet next pair
Came to share
Feast that could have been their's,
Since Fruit of Life they ate.

This sweet Fruit
Was the Word
Planted in Mary's womb
For Spirit was Her groom.

House bellow
Now doth glow
With love's hot surging flame,
Since mirror-three reflects.

Uncreated Fam'ly lived on top floor;
Yet when the Son set down Jacob's stair way,
The Father through Joseph crafted His House,
And this House was Mary the lower floor,

Through whom the created fam'ly was made.
 So now all that waits is those many rooms
To be filled with children of that blessed pair:
Through whom Father and Spirit make new sons.

28th December, 2014.