Monday, 26 January 2015

Void and Vanity

The lament of the soul in a period of desolation, as she gives vent to the anguish she feels from the void within and the vanity in the world without; yet in faith she remains steadfast with that secret joy of God, as she waits in hope for the visitation of the Holy Spirit to mystically resurrect her soul into a fresh sanctity.

The Lamentation of the Prophet Jeremiah over Jerusalem

In soul's vast space,
In chasm deep and hollow
Where lays the heart numb and still,
With worn strings like old cello;

I feel a void
Expand and grow, that strangles
The flora of my passions,
S'that in desert mind travels

As poor lost fool
Whom seeks to quench thirst but can't;
For waters fresh he finds not.
And dazed is my being as plant

Scorched by sun's heat;
Thus faint is my flesh and blank
And blind is my reason's mind,
S'that along dark wat'ry bank

I crawl like snail
With half-crushed shell of trample.
Yet move naught an inch do I,
For there I lie as damsel

Left there for dead;
And indeed with corpse-coldness,
And stuffed with death's straw-boredom
I stand as though I'm soulless

In world's bleak field,
As scarecrow that scares no crow
Except myself; but away
I can't fly to escape though,

But I don't need
To fly far away in fear;
Nor seek world's vain breath to live
As if lower toys could cheer.

For here I wait
'Till my lover comes to give
Her breath in kiss, which will quench
My lips and cause me to live.

24th January, 2015.

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