Thursday, 4 June 2015

Day is Done

A poem for night time prayer.

This day is done,
And all its moments do lay
To wake no more
Nor run;
And truth I know most sure
-Though I their grace did shun-
Fused with Thee, all’s

This day has ebbed,
And many swords of sorrow
Now pierce my soul
So red,
From beholding with love,
As laying sleep in bed,
Poor brethren mine

This day was good,
And graces lots Thou lavished
Me that no more
Could give,
So Father Thee I thank,
In Christ as Son who stood,
With thankful sigh
On wood.

New day will come,
And eyes will ope’ to dawn’s bloom,
With risen love
My sun.
But now I rest and die
-To old things that succumb-
With lullaby
Her hum.

May, 2015.

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