Saturday, 15 August 2015

Waking of the Virgin Ark

A poem written on the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary; concerning our Lady whom the Fathers of the Church declare as the fulfillment of the Ark of the Old Covenant, and the embodiment of the burning bush which blazed with God’s Presence but was neither consumed nor harmed.

Mary the New Ark of the New Covenant, 'the Theotokas' -'the God Bearer'.

O sacred ark of God,
Wherein laid Jesse’s rod,
The manna new,
The tablets of stone,
But each enfleshed in one:
The Son of God-
Who laid and dwelt
In thy blest womb.

Yea earthen pit nor tomb
Could ever taint thy flesh
Most pure like gold-
Refined by hallowed flame-
Since burning bush thou art,
Who did blaze bright
And still burns fierce
With Spirit’s licks.

For thy face did transfix
Thy Son who went before
To courts above;
And thy Father too
So proud of daughter pure,
Could not let death
Confine thy flesh
Which thou gave Son.

So when that day did come
When thee O Ark breathed last,
That shared yearning
Of Father and Son
Came down on thee like dove,
To hover there
Like over sea,
Then breathed with coo;

Which then glowing light blue
Thy virgin flesh awoke:
All comely fair
As angels all declared:
“Here Queen she comes
As bride ready
To meet her groom”.

As God did thee assume
On cloud of light to heights-
Trumpets sounding,
Father delighting,
All ancient maids sighing;
And groom smiling:
As thou embraced
Thy Son O Ark.

 15th August, 2015.

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