Sunday, 20 April 2014

He Has Awoken!

From the labour of love on the Bed of the Cross, to the slumber of death of He on the Cross. From the slumber of death of He in the tomb, to the arising of He in Resurrected glory; for the sake of she, the soul His bride, His love.

Innocent yet condemned;
Truth yet held as lie.
Kind, yet mocked and hated;
Pure yet sorely scourged.

Nailed to Cross by hatred;
Held to Cross by love.
Cut off by the living,
Dying by embrace.

 Loving ‘till exhaustion,
Kissing ‘till breathless.
Speaking pains ‘till silent;
Selfless ‘till self-less.

Raising head now gestures;
That love now has won.
Head now falling sleepful,
Death now of God’s Son.

Pierced through with a spear.
Sleeping through He pours forth;
Water and blood through flesh;
God has spoken through death.

Whilst still in deep slumber,
Taken in quiet haste,
From sleep in bed of Cross,
To rest in dark tomb.

Widow mourns and weeps much,
Night after day and night.
With longing and loves call,
To wake and to love.

Darkness but then sunrise;
Tears but then laughter.
Night was but morning comes,
‘Sleep but now waking.

Awakes He from slumber,
Summer from winter.
To bring from fire bellow,
Proved gold ring from love.

 Now bride she does speaketh,
To groom she does sigh.
Melody she whispers,
As to He she clings:

“Rejoice o my soul;
For thy Beloved has awoken,
Thy Beloved has arose;
And for love of thee He has spoken.

Now cling to me I pray;
For Thou art my Beloved;
And since Thou hast conquered sleep,
Kiss me, so that what was dream in slumber
May be but shadow to what we wake to,
From rest of death to rest of life eternal.


So rejoice o my soul;
For thy Beloved has awoken,
Thy Beloved has arose;
And for love of thee He has spoken;

With words of loving water,
And words of loving blood.
For love of thee He has spoken!

For love of thee He has awoken!”

"Now cling not to me o bride!"
Exhorts the Beloved to His lover.
"For I must yet ascend to my Father high above.

Take here this golden ring, a sign and proof of my love,
wear it always and be faithful;
for I shall return, I will return.

Yet first tell all you know, that yes indeed I have awoken,
That sleep I did, but now I have awoken."

Then kissing her she did swoon and let go.
And passing her He whispered gently:

"For love of thee I have spoken.
For love of thee I have awoken."

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