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Passages on the Ten-Stringed Lyre

 "It is good to give praise to the Lord: and to sing to thy name, O most High. To shew forth thy mercy in the morning, and thy truth in the night: Upon an instrument of ten strings, upon the psaltery: with a canticle upon the harp. For thou hast given me, O Lord, a delight in thy doings: and in the works of thy hands I shall rejoice." 
 (Psalm 92:1-4).

"Rejoice in the Lord, O ye just: praise becometh the upright. Give praise to the Lord on the harp; sing to him with the psaltery, the instrument of ten strings. Sing to him a new canticle, sing well unto him with a loud noise. For the word of the Lord is right, and all his works are done with faithfulness. He loveth mercy and judgment; the earth is full of the mercy of the Lord." 
(Psalm 33:1-5)

"Imagine a fine lyre whose strings, perfectly harmonized, vibrate at the blowing of the wind, each giving its own sound and all together composing a beautiful symphony. This is the soul of a just man when the Holy Spirit possesses it fully and has harmonized all the faculties by means of His gifts. Each one of them, like the strings of a living lyre, gives its own sound when the wind of the Spirit blows."
Luis M. Martinez, 'True Devotion to the Holy Spirit', p.20.

New Israel

This term is not to say that Israel, the Jewish People, the Chosen People of God, are finished and gone, as if Holy Mother Church -the New Israel- has superseded these People; no, for as the Church teaches, God has not revoked His covenant with the Jews but He has simply expanded it to all people in the New Israel of the Church. Furthermore, to describe the Church as the New Israel is a spiritual title which does not deny the Jewish People as Israel in a literal and particular sense, whereas the Church is Israel in a spiritual and universal sense. I utilise the term "New Israel" in a spiritual manner to denote not only the Church, but the New Israel as all those souls who like Jacob wrestle with God  in prayer. This means that the 'New Israel' is quite simply those souls whom are yearning and struggling to be drawn ever deeper into intimate union with God.

Ten-Stringed Lyre of the New Israel


 The 'Ten-Stringed Lyre' denotes the soul who has a particular vocation of and within the Church, the New Israel. This vocation is the call to be an instrument in the hands of Christ Jesus the New David (the fulfillment of King David), so that the Eternal Melody of the Divine Will may be played in, with and through her. This melody of Divine Will is accompanied by the sonorous and sublime harmony of Love and Mercy, with the voice of the Eternal Shepherd and King sweetly mingled with this Melody Divine. No lyre, no soul is the same; no melody, no praise is the same; for from each unique lyre in the gentle hands of our King, He plucks forth a unique song of praise, a new song of praise. Wherefore our Lord through the Psalmist says: "To thee, O God, I will sing a new canticle: on the psaltery and an instrument of ten strings I will sing praises to thee." (Ps 144:9). 

Who is she? The 'Ten-Stringed Lyre of the New Israel'? It is she who is consumed by the Love of God Most High; she who is dead to self, and lies subject in gladness to the Will of her Beloved, so that through her no ordinary praises may ring forth to the Throne of God Thrice-Eternal, but the very Praises of God Himself. Who can become such a soul most blessed? Anyone; anyone who so surrenders their will with all its desires to God, that is the ten-strings of her heart to God. Let such a soul who desires this honour surrender her will to God, and allow Him to pluck the strings of her heart as He so desires. Let such a soul allow herself to be consumed by Divine Love through constant prayer from the heart. Let such a soul trust with childlike confidence in her God, and in this manner she shall become the perfect instrument of praise for the glory of God, for the glory of the New Israel, and for the good and salvation of all souls. If a soul does all these things, then by the grace of God, even though in the meantime she may have to bear patiently the cross of her own imperfections, she shall indeed be called the 'Ten-Stringed Lyre of the New Israel'.


This blog, its author and all related writings are entrusted to the patronage of our Holy Mother the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Queen of the Divine Will, the Immaculate Heart and the Immaculate Womb; to St. Joseph, and in a most special way to the entire Holy Family; as well as to all the holy Angels, especially:

St. Michael the Archangel,
St. Rapheal the Archangel,
St. Gabriel the Archangel,
And my own guardian angel;

And to all the holy Saints, especially:

St. John of the Cross,
St. Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face,
St. Teresa of Avila,
St. Francis of Assisi,
St. Maria Faustina Kowalska,
St. Catherine of Siena,
St. Hildegard of Bingen,
St. Augustine,
St. Jerome,
St. Athanasius,
St. Jean Marie Vianney,
St. Padre Pio,
St. Peter the Apostle,
St. John the Beloved,
St. Columba,
King David,
Eljiah the Prophet,
Moses, Aaron and Miriam,
Joseph son of Jacob,
And the Holy Patriarchs Abraham, Issac and especially Jacob;
Along with the Holy Matriarchs Sarah, Rebekah, Leah and especially Rachel;
And to Bl. Charles de Faucald;
And the Servant of God Luisa Picarretta, the Little Daughter of the Divine Will.

All for the love of Jesus, Mary and Joseph; for the reign of the Kingdom of God's Will on earth as it is in heaven; for the good and salvation of all souls; and for the glory of the most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit to Whom all worship alone is due. Amen.


 I am a consecrated brother within an association called 'Apostles of Perpetual Adoration', belonging to the contemplative-active brothers within this association which bears the title: 'Little Eucharistic Brothers of Divine Will'. Anything written on this blog I hope will serve God and be of edification to others. Anything good that has come of these writings is thanks to the Holy Spirit, anything tainted with the least imperfection I claim as my own.

May the guidance of God's Holy Will be with you, and may you please keep me in your prayers.

Br. John-Joseph of the Immaculate Womb


Bachelor of Arts, Theology Major, Social Justice Minor: The University of Notre Dame Australia.

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