Saturday, 22 November 2014

Presentation of the Virgin Dove

On the Feast of the Presentation of Our Lady

Both Joachim and Anne's souls were weeping
 As they offered up their turtle dove.
Yet commingled with tears was gladness
Of setting bird free to swim above.

Twin limpid pools of sparkling light blue,
Gazed with gratitude on parents dear:
"I thank thee for thy sacrifice sweet,"
Spake that angel-babe dove without fear.

Then turning her back to them She loved,
Her face She turned to House Supernal;
Making flight up stairs of silhouette
Of Cloister and Temple Eternal.

Received was She with welcome-arm smile
Into deeper chamber of that House
Of Family Triune, in which She
As fruit first did dwell as Spirit's spouse.

Once consecrated as maid divine,
Israel's bridal lamp was filled from cloud
With oil 'verlasting, and set ablaze
By Her virgin-love that birthed all vowed.

21st November, 2014.