Tuesday, 7 April 2015

This is the Day

A poem concerning the day of the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. “This is the day” (Ps 118:24) meaning “Today is the day of salvation” (2 Cor 6:2); since mystically speaking, “this day” of the Resurrection perpetuates itself 'daily' (in each and every moment) in the souls of those who seek union with God in the fullness of living in His Divine Will, which is to strive to “attain the resurrection from the dead” (Phil 3:11).


This is the day
When death’s shield was shattered,
When light conquered darkness;
When love cast hatred into the pit
Of flame everlasting.

This is the day
When naked’s shame was taken,
When hope embellished Adam’s flesh;
When nature’s lips felt primordial
Kiss of union with her Maker.

This is the day
When Fruit of Life was eaten,
When faith confounded reason;
When grave was most sorely beaten
With rod of Jesse’s stem.

This is the day
When fount of youth was tasted,
When Hen’s supernal egg did lay;
When immortal womb’s dawn did ope’
To birth Spirit’s first-born sons.

This is the day
When Father Most High was smitten,
When Son Divine burst gates of hell;
When Spirit Holy as breeze did gush
To raise chained souls like feathers.

This is the day
When the soul did say:
“Alleluia! The Lord has risen!”
To which body replied in his own way:
“He has risen indeed! Alleluia!”

3-4th April, Good Friday and Holy Saturday, 2015.

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