Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Trinity’s Banquet

A poem concerning how through faith in the Triune God -made active with a living and true devotion to the Holy Family- the soul can dine at the beatific feast which is reserved for the blessed, here in the now.

At banquet with Host Who art Three,
Resounds chatter loud amongst saints;
Mingled with tune of harp divine,
Which though unheard, through faith’s fair-ear transmit.
And whilst beatific taste sheds time,
Through Holy Family I dine.

O table of Father at Thee I sit,
In prayerful trust and peaceful rest;
With chair my faith that Joseph had,
On which I with patience wait.
O hidden most Truth, my knowing sees,
Because Thy dining lamp is lit.

O flesh of Lamb sublime of which I eat,
In only glutt’ny ordained by sacred writ;
On plate of hope Thy meat I store,
With blood my wine of which I drink.
O Beauty fleshed, my memory’s full,
Because this feast recalls Thy wheat.

O waiter of Spirit through Thee I taste,
        In measure to desire’s heat;
        For Mary’s love for man and God,
        Are my orders placed Thou dost take.
O blazing Goodness, my glad will starves,
Because me Thou dost feed with haste.

At table of Father I sit,
Feasting on meat of Word the Son;
Whilst Spirit Holy waits on me,
Ready to pour out from bottle ‘bove waist.
So “come my friend”, say I to He,
As goblet mine tops up for free.

20-21st April, 2015.

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