Sunday, 28 December 2014

Bethlehem’s Stable

On a secret eve long ago,

Pregnant Virgin-Ark came walking

Into Bethlehem, whilst guided

By Joseph her cloud and torch bright.

As time came for womb’s fruit to bloom

They sought out a house of dwelling;

Yet place there was none for them,

Since town’s inn had all rooms filled up.

Yet little did those parents know

That He the holy unborn child,

Had made reservations for three

In advance, before time began.

So entering into stable

There Mary –without pangs- gave birth

To the most beautiful baby

Who was mother nature’s artist.

Laid Him she did in a manger,

So that all could flock to adore.

Yet besides Mary and Joseph,

Only four-legged beasts paid homage.

So hurry O shepherds, make haste!

Chase that star of thy desire!

For though time nor place can stop thee,

That tender babe longs for thy smile.

So go to Him who waits for thee,

Who longs for thee in veil of bread,

And who doth lay within thy soul,

And in the heart of brother thine.

For that stable’s straw may be gone,

But its door will never be closed;

Since Bethlehem's stable though one,

Is found in one town which is three.

25th-26th December, 2014.

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