Friday, 12 June 2015

Bosom of My Beloved: The Sacred Heart of Jesus

 A poem written in honour of the Sacred Heart of Jesus,
on the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus: A symbolic image depicting the flaming love which Jesus has for each of us

O Bosom of my Beloved,
So warm, so moist
With love.
Thou art my pillow sacred
'Pon which I taste above.

For Thou art the Rock from whence flows
Honey so sweet
And pure;
With honeycomb Thy torn flesh,
Exuding scent that doth lure

All birds, and beasts, and bugs of earth;
Since smell divine
So lush,
Draws all, as sacred perfume
That as river doth gush,

From mount to Eden's garden thick,
Which parts in four
Fresh prongs-
As emenations crafted-
Bleeding forth from charcoal heart, that longs

To consume the earth with flaming licks
-So hot, so soft-
Of love
Which burns not, but waters trees;
Producing peaceful fruits for dove

That perches on beauty's gate:
Waiting; singing;
To fly and take plum-apple-peaches
To Father with taste buds so much.

12th June, 2015.