Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Virgin's Kiss

The Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ, who was made flesh in the womb through the Virgin’s consenting kiss.

There knelt the Virgin,
In the lateness of the eve;
Doused in the expectant light
Of moons longed dream.

From that Virgin’s lips
Uttered not a single sound,
Yet with silent thrusts of love,
Pierced, God was deafened.

Wounded by Virgin,
Made faint by Her arrows charm,
God swooned beyond all telling,
Shedding Joyful Tear.

As Virgin prayed,
Moon was overcome by cloud.
Its darkness fell with shadow;
Cast on She bellow.

Then in that darkness,
Came forth that most holy of Tears;
Falling from above as rain
From God the Father.

Fall that Tear it did
Until it reached the Virgin.
Hovered there above; waiting
For consenting kiss.

Bold with loves delight,
The Virgin sweetly breathed in;
And breathing out Her consent,
Kissed with lips that Tear.

Waters from above
Mingled with waters bellow,
In that Virgins thirsty womb,
Quenched by Joyful Tear.

Virgin she did sing
As two waters were made one.
Now seas of earth and heaven
Kiss forevermore.

Virgin’s womb it was
That knit Joyful Tear’s sweet face.
Opening up to us therefore
That sweet face to kiss.


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