Thursday, 11 September 2014

The Tale of the Unfaithful Wife and the Loving Husband

 There once was man who was married to a most unfaithful and adulterous woman. In the town in which this man lived, everyone would berate the man for not divorcing his wife, because no matter how many times she apologised and wept for her sins, still each and every night, she would always go out and commit acts of lust with countless men. Every day this man had the same routine, he would stay up late at night waiting for his wife to return; and without fail his wife would always return, either in the early hours of that morning, or after several days had passed. Regardless of the time she spent away she always returned to her husband, apologetic on some occasions, and indifferent on others; yet still this husband never turned his wife away. Whenever she returned he would always welcome her with an embrace and with a gentle kiss, yet never would she return his embrace with her embrace; and never would she return his kiss with her kiss; for she was ashamed of what she always did. It was for this reason also that she could never look her husband in the eyes.

Despite the many years that this went on, ever since the night of their honeymoon, the man never had the need to forgive his wife; because his love for her blinded him to the ugliness of her ways. Now one day a close friend of the man asked him: “What is it that you want most in life? Is it for your wife to cease cheating on you day after day?” “No” replied the man to his friend, “that is not what I want most in life at all. What I merely want is for my wife to return the embrace and kiss that I give to her when she returns to me each night; and for her to look me in the eyes again. This is what I want most in life.”

Jesus is the loving husband. Who are you therefore?

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