Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Novena to St. Raphael for Healing

Guarigione di Tobia, Antonio de Bellis (attributed).

A private prayer, prayed for nine consecutive days.

St. Raphael—O Mighty Archangel,
And beloved instrument of God’s grace and healing designs—
We humbly invoke thy patronage
And beseech thee to come to our aid
On this day and throughout our days,
And to the aid of all our benefactors,
Just as thou didst come to the aid of Tobias, Sarah and Tobit
In diverse ways, according to their various plights and needs.
Drive far from us the influence of the Evil One;
Sustain us in God’s purity,
Arrange in advanced all the meetings God so wills us to have,
And offer our actions to the Virgin Mary for the glory of God.
Trusting in thy intercession,
And thy gift of healing, O dispenser of the Medicine of God,
We especially ask of thee for the favour of healing [mention name]
In mind, body and soul, especially in the particular ailment [mention ailment]
That plagues him/her, and that all complications of health in this regard
Would be resolved in the best possible manner, for God’s greater glory,
And for the consolation of this dear child of God.


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