Monday, 21 November 2016

It Was a Fine Summer’s Night

It was a fine summer’s night.
The balmy air was sown with mosquitoes’ flight
The sun had set, it’s halo shining dim
The subtle waves, one by one, came lapping in.
A sea gull, a Kelp they call, fluttered down
Resting with a dash atop the smooth but dimpled ground –
The ocean’s ground – blue and grey, orange, pink and mauve –
Only but a moment me before, till flight it did behove
Fanning its way along the miniature breaking coast,
As all the while the pinkish clouds, that lightsome host,
Sailed across the silent sky as each and every hill,
And the mountains in the far, slept in purple haze, all being still,
Save the tumbling of the waves, the murmur of the bay,
Myself not speaking any word, my mind at rest on shore allay,
My praying heart exceeded need for whispers in that fading glow,
The touch divine so gentle through that hallowed summer show.

 21st November 2016.

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