Sunday, 4 August 2013

Merciful Love

A prayer whereby one unites them-self to the Triune God, who is Mercy and Love Himself. 

Let my feet be merciful; let my feet be love.
Let my hands be merciful; let my hands be love.
Let my eyes be merciful; let my eyes be love.
Let my ears be merciful; let my ears be love.
Let my lips be merciful; let my lips be love.
Let my heart be merciful; let me heart be love.
Let my mind be merciful; let my heart be love.
Let my body be merciful; let my body be love.
Let my soul be merciful; let my soul be love.
O Merciful Love, O Merciful Love,
make me merciful, make me love.

Every step, breath and movement of our being united to Christ Jesus through the Virgin Mary, become actions that are no longer simply human, but both human and divine acts. For it becomes Jesus in us who acts, and thus our every action becomes a prayer of infinite and perfect thanksgiving, Adoration, reparation and offering. This is what it means to live in the Divine Will of God; to render unto Him the Glory He is owed not only by ourselves, but the Glory He is owed by all humanity and Creation. We ourselves cannot give enough Glory to God as finite creatures; but by virtue of our royal priesthood as Baptised Christians; who have received Confirmation and the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus, we can offer to God Himself on behalf of all people and creation. This is what it means to make perfect reparation to our God. Indeed such a way of life lived in the Divine Will of God, is to live mystically united to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, at every moment of every day; in other words, to live in the Eternity (Kairos) of God Himself; offering the Perpetual Sacrifice of Praise to God the Almighty with all the angels and the saints; and this we can do, rather Christ can do in us, while we are still on earth. Truly this is how we can perfectly live God's Kingdom on earth. "Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done, on earth as it is in heaven". In the Blessed Sacrament is Heaven itself, all we have to do as the Church is to truly unite ourselves with the Sacred Heart of Jesus, made present in the Eucharist, through, with and in the Immaculate Heart of Mary [through a True Devotion]. This is how earth shall become heaven; and it begins already in the hearts of the fervent faithful!

Every movement, thought and moment of our existence can be a prayer begging for God's Merciful Love to pour out upon us and all the world.

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